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How to Repair Corrupted Pen drive, this article will be more comprehensive. I have come across some situations where the USB, Hard drive, and SD Card, might get corrupted and I struggled to get the problem resolved even I found some good ideas (working Methods & Solutions) and tricks.

I share everything from my knowledge, every solution regards USB Pen drive, Hard Disk, SD Card Corruption. You might enjoy it, and it works for you as well. Let’s take a look at how to repair corrupted pen drive.

Repair Corrupted Pen drive

Some of the problem you may come across:

  • USB Not able to format.
  • USB Storage, not Showing and the notification shows any error.
  • USB Not support to Open Drive function.
  • Bugs and Viruses cause corruption in data that may cause the USB not to work.

Check Before:


Some of the best measures you have to check before trying the methodology that I provide to Repair Corrupted Pen drive, let us move on.

Try inserting your USB Storage device in your computer or laptop that you are going to work with. Before We start, let’s check your USB Drive whether it is Healthy or Not. Even you have to check with systems is there any error found while getting connected to the device.

After plugging in the USB storage in Your PC or Laptop if there is no notification found for the device, you can Check with other Computers by plugging in Your USB storage device whether it is working or Not. If it works, then check whether your USB port has any malfunction, or else you can go with a change of new USB port instead of following the procedures about how to repair corrupted pen drive.

Reinstall & Update USB Driver.

  • Right-click on computer Icon, → Go to Manage → click Device Manager, and select Disk Drives.
  • Click the dropdown for the expansion.
  • Find Disk Drive and select your USB Which showing In Disk drives.
  • Right-click and select, uninstall devices, select, uninstall in the new pop window. Plugin the USB again to check whether it is visible in Disk drives.
  • If it is not visible right-click and select update driver, a new pop screen appears, click Search automatically for updated driver software.
  • It searches for online driver software once it gets completed. Check-in disk drive and PC whether the USB drive is visible or not.

If this Not Work Then you can even check with the next method to Repair Corrupted Pen drive.

Changing Letter of a drive.

  • Right-click on computer Icon, → Go to Manage → click Disk Management
  • Check whether you can find the device with storage size.
  • If it is visible only in disk management, storage, select the disk and right-click. On the options, select change drive letters and paths.
  • A new pop-up screen will appear if there is no drive found with the letter or paths. Select add and assign the drive letter. You can select the desired letters from the letter and paths.
  • Once it gets updated, the USB storage device might be visible in the computer storage path that you are selected with change drive letters and paths.

On the previous two methods, there is a guarantee of getting your data back even if it still shows an error and your USB storage device is not visible, not in the forthcoming methods to Repair Corrupted Pen drive.

Solution 1.

Before moving on to the procedures, You have to download a software (HP USB storage format tool) with which you are going to use some techniques and get your Device gets worked for you Repair Corrupted Pen drive.

HP format tool repair corrupted pendrive

Select HP USB Disk Storage Format tools. Right-click and run the application as Run as administrator. Once the software gets open Select your USB Drive and selects the start button on the tool.

A New warning message pops up next to the tool, you can select whether to format the data or not. If you click yes it will Super Format your Disk. And check on my computer it works or not. If it’s work, then good. You are good to how with Repair Corrupted Pen drive.

Solution 2.

Now you have to open a Command prompt to repair corrupted pen drive..

To open a command prompt, click the Start button and the Search for ‘CMD’ or Command Prompt. And other methods to open command prompt is via run command.

Open Run command:

To open the run command press windows key + R both at a time. Type CMD in the search box. It will open Command Prompt.

Now you can see the black command window on your computer screen.

Repair Corrupted Pen drive

Type ‘DiskPart‘ without any spaces and then hit enter. New window screen popup with dialogue as ‘Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?‘ Then click ‘yes‘.

The disk part CMD will open on that you have to type as ‘list disk‘. All the disk storage devices will appear. You need to verify the storage device with the appropriate storage space that you need to fix.

Select the disk carefully with its disk type, whether it is disk 1, disk 2, or disk 3. On that select the appropriate disk and type ‘select disk 1‘. Now it shows the disk selected. then type ‘clean‘ on the command prompt.

It show as Diskpart succeeded in cleaning the disk. Now type ‘exit‘ and click enter. You will exit from Diskpart, again type ‘exit‘ to come out of the Command Prompt.

Now go and check my computer and check whether your USB pen drive is working or not.

If it is working, then well and good, If not then you can try the forthcoming method to get a better result on repair corrupted pend drive.

Solution 3.

This Method Is Advanced Technique. In my knowledge in most cases, This method might definitely work. This solution will completely help you to recover and make your USB Pen Drive into a New Condition. This procedure is one of the best and advanced techniques used to repair corrupted pen drive.

Now you have to Go to CMD Prompt and Type ‘Diskpart‘ on that select Disk of your USB pen drive which you need to repair. Now it shows your disk is selected.

Next, type ‘clean‘ on the command prompt. It shows as Diskpart succeeded in cleaning the disk. Next Type ‘Create Partition Primary‘. And now it will Show ‘DiskPart Succeeded in Creating the Specified Partition‘ successfully.

Now You have to Type ‘Active‘ in CMD, And it Will Show DiskPart Marked the Current Partition as Active. Next Type ‘Select Partition 1‘ and It Will Show ‘Partition 1 Is now Selected Partition‘.

Now you have to type ‘Format fs=fat32‘ and click Enter. At this moment you can see your USB Pen Drive is Formatting. It might take a few seconds to complete. so try to Chill and relax your self.

When 100% of the Formatting is completed, then you can see ‘DiskPart Successfully Formated the volume’. At this moment to come out of the Disk part you need to type ‘Exit‘ in CMD Window, you will get an exit from the DiskPart window.

To come out of the Command prompt you need to type ‘Exit‘ in CMD Window. you will be an exit from Command Prompt.

Now go and check my computer and check whether your USB pen drive is working or not. In most cases, this procedure might work and you can get your pen drive in a good condition. you will get success on how to You are good to how with Repair Corrupted Pen drive. The video link is also shared it might be a little longer for you to view the steps but it will be very helpful


Once NAND Flash Memory Chip Circuit is damaged the USB might Not Work, the Broken Pen drive might Not be Working.

Broken USB Pendrive

If the pen drive is in a corrupted situation, If you are not able to recover your Pen drive try the above Method to fix this issue on You are good to how with Repair Corrupted Pen drive. You will definitely get Sure Success in Formatting USB Drive at least. You Can also try Checking our website Softrick for clarification on multiple issues and solutions, Thank You.

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