How To Detect Hidden Spy Camera – Tips and Tricks

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When we plan to go out and enjoy ourselves with our loved ones, even at weekends too. Most of the time when we go out of our locality, we used to rent a room for a stay in hotels/lodges.

We never give a chance to check the place where we stay is more secured and all our privacy is safe. But we need to check these places where a stay is secure enough for us to stay for a night. Because the walls to have eyes too.

We need to check the bathrooms, Changing room, living area, and bedroom for Spy cameras. Because we may never notice that our privacy in danger but some of the perverted minds of people might use our photos and videos to threaten us, looking for money and their sexual desire to be fulfilled by us.

In this article, we tried to give a detailed explanation of the usage and techniques to prevent us from getting Victimized by Spy camera. At the end of this article is you will very clear to make yourself more aware and comfortable.

Before that let us know what is Spy Camera.

Spy Camera

Have you heard about hidden cameras? And what are the uses of it?. Hidden cameras are nothing but spy cameras that are not easily visible to human eyes. They might be in many different sizes.

Spy Cam Device

In today’s modern and technological world, spy cameras are everywhere. Technology has advanced so rapidly, the cameras can be the size of a pinpoint.

Few cameras are wired and some of them are wireless. the recorded data can be used to investigate casualties and analyze their errors. it prevents you from trespassers to use our property, It happens more often than you would expect.

spy cameras are so cheap nowadays, anybody can get the influence of them. detecting cameras is nearly impossible because of their insignificant size.

Not Having Privacy Awareness

Spying room

Do you know how these devices are used by victims and influenced some innocent people?.

According to a few surveys, 30% of women between the ages of 18 and 34 experience sexual harassment. 83% of them have experienced verbally. 43.7% have received sexual advances and unwanted touching like sexual abuse.

Yet, very few are reporting the abuse statement. Some Situation most of us, Doesn’t have awareness, how we are influenced and threatened. We need to inspect the place where we are at. We might not know whether we are getting noticed/under surveillance by the sinister and perverted minds of people.

Most of the time someone would have already started peeking at our privacy, It makes us discomfort and week that we are not alone and surrounded by strangers who are going to influence us in their desire.

before that let us know what are spy cam devices used for these purposes.

Types of Spy Cam Devices

Spy Cam Gadget

As we know, there are many different types of Spy cameras and hidden cameras.

Few cameras look tinier and easily not visible to a normal vision, where you never noticed that these cameras can be placed or easily equipped in our daily life usable materials. Such as light bulb, Caps that we use, the specs, and other electronic devices which will be suspended and preventing the camera to be hidden.

Some of the places you never tried to predict whether these tiny cameras can be hidden or not, But the truth is these cameras can be used everywhere around you in all the materials around you.

Just check the video below you may get an idea of how these tiny spy cameras are used and spotted with help of the Infrared detector.

There are few ultimate techniques that you might get interested in before watching the videos you can give a try on that as well.

How to Detect Spy Cam – Ideas & Technique to Follow

#1 Check All Mirrors

As we all know a spy camera will blend with any area and it won’t be visible to normal human eyes. this is a similar situation where these spy cameras can be hidden at the back of the mirror that we daily use.

Have you ever noticed that our Dressing room mirror and the Changeroom mirrors in malls can be used to spy on us? yes, it is happening most of the time. we have to be aware while having our own private space in these areas.

How to Detect

There are few techniques by which we can identify the presence of a spy camera at the backside of the mirror.

Most of the time the ordinary glass has a small gap between the object and the reflection of the image on the glass.

Mirror Spy Camera Detect

If you find something like that there is no gap between the object and the reflection from the glass, then you have to check the mirror whether it is used to spy on your personal activities

An alternate way is to dim/reduce the lights on the area where the mirror is placed, Two way mirror can only work if the lights on the other side are brighter. You would be able to see the other side of the lights in your room is dim enough and a little darker.

#2 Look Around Your Space

The hidden cameras are blended with our surroundings most of the time, try to give a glance that if there anything is out of normal. If you feel that the place is surrounded by a strange atmosphere and you won’t feel comfortable with your privacy.

Give a try that you see any strange changes in your work area, Living area, bedroom, bathroom, and even in the backyard. You may have noticed something that is not similar to security cameras, but it is “Sneak a peak”.

#3 Do a Black Check

Most of the night vision spy cameras have night vision infrared led, at working conditions this infrared led’s on the cam will blink promptly.

To Check/Scan the room you have to turn off the light in the area where you trying to check the presence of Spy camera. Make the room pitch dark, so you can notice the blinking infrared led.

Walk close to the light emission and check for the hidden Spy camera.

#4 Scan Using Mobile Camera

If you were not able to find any red lights physically using your eye, you can then open your phone’s camera and scan around the room.

If you want to be more Accurate in finding IR emissions, use your Tv remote and open your mobile camera to switch off the light of the room.

check for the light emission from the tv remote you can identify the small spotlight in your mobile display. They should show up like a spotlight.

#5 Hidden Spy Cam Detector Android & IOS App

Even we have few Android applications that can detect infrared emission and radio frequency. You can also try that my opinion, I have used several application some of them or not accurate.

But there is no sense to become a Scopophilia victim with today’s technological advances. Hidden camera detector apps are available on your Android or iPhone or at a neighborhood security store.

These Applications have some problems, such as it scans all the LEDs including infrared LEDs. It more difficult to identify the camera using electromagnetic receptors from a longer distance, we need to get closer to the device to identify it.

#6 Spy Camera Bug Finder Tool

A Spy camera detector can find a camera anywhere no element how well it’s hidden. You just need to press the button, it shoots a little Infra-Red beam and you can see the reflection of any camera lens. So what was hidden from the naked eye is now evident.


Spy camera bug-finder device built-in with a small capacity of rechargeable LION Battery and operation time will be up to 6 hours for lens detector and up to 15 hours for RF detector.

This hidden spy camera detector has various working modes like hidden wireless cameras, GPS Tracker, digital audio recorders, wiretaps, Bluetooth, GSM dictograph and stealth headset, and the mobile network connecting devices.

You can find all in one solution with this bug-finder device. By using this device rapidly recognize any threats to your protection and security of your privacy.

#7 Spyware in Mobile and PC

In today’s hi-tech world everything is possible. Everyone has their own Mobile phones and Laptop, by using it we can identify these Spy cameras.

But most of the time preventing our self from the spy camera is better than detecting. Yes, we might not have been more conscious about spyware, it is software that takes control over the devices that we use without our knowledge such as microphones, web cameras, GPS location tracking, etc.

This software can be easily driven into our devices to spy on us. In such cases, the application and equipment connected with devices can be easily taken control over from far away places using spyware.

To prevent ourselves from spyware, be aware of the equipment and settings often whether it is out of control. If you see any strange changes try to check with the setting and block the unwanted device usages.

Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg used a sticker on his laptop camera! to prevent him from this privacy issue.

The Ending Things

The bottom line is that you don’t have to be a victim. You can protect yourself. The technology is here and at a very good price. To prevent you from these situations better beware of where you are staying.

Don’t let the stranger that you suspect very close to you and never try to share your personal life details with them. If you see that you have come across this situation that someone is threatening you by recording your video from a spy camera.

Don’t get panic just inform the cybercrime and let them take action effectively. Leave us a comment below for more interesting articles to be posted in Softrick, Give a suggestion and search you looking to know more about.

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